Power, Safety, and Convenience Combined!


Power, Safety, and Convenience Combined!

Experience peace of mind and unparalleled convenience on the road with the HALO® Bolt ACDC Max (44.4Wh). This powerhouse 3-in-1 device is the ultimate solution for handling dead car batteries, and charging your essential devices. With its robust 1000 peak amps, it fearlessly jump-starts any 12-volt car, SUV, truck, or marine battery, even handling 6L gas and 3L diesel engines with ease. Safety takes center stage as well, with smart technology and spark-proof jumper cables ensuring error-free usage and the latest in battery protection. No more fumbling in the dark during emergencies, as the integrated floodlight adds an extra layer of preparedness for roadside situations or sudden power outages. The microfiber storage bag, cleverly printed with a 3-step jump-start guide, keeps everything organized and easily accessible. Plus, its versatility extends beyond jump-starting, acting as a reliable portable power bank to recharge your USB-powered devices on-the-go, while the integrated AC inverter provides an outlet for your laptop, enabling seamless remote work even in off-grid scenarios.


The HALO® Bolt ACDC Max excels in delivering a compact, easy-to-carry design that harmoniously combines reliability, power, and practicality in one exceptional product. Engineered to empower you with confidence and preparedness, this all-in-one solution is an indispensable companion for daily commutes, long road trips, and outdoor adventures. Whether you encounter a dead battery or require a power source for your USB and AC-powered devices, the HALO® Bolt ACDC Max stands ready to handle it all. Its smart technology ensures user safety and the smart battery design prevents any untoward incidents. Equipped with this dynamic device, you can leave your worries behind and embrace the open road with a sense of security and freedom. Stay connected, stay in control, and stay powered with the HALO® Bolt ACDC Max - your ultimate travel companion.


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Portable Car Jump Starter

The HALO Bolt can jump start a full-sized car or SUV. Whether you left your headlights on or are just being a good Samaritan, the HALO Bolt gets you back on the road in minutes.


Additional USB Ports

Charge more than just your vehicle with the two USB-A ports. Recharge your iPad on a long trip and keep the kids entertained. Or, recharge your AirPods and shut them out completely. Regardless, the HALO Bolt keeps all your devices charged.


65W AC Power Port

Easily power your laptop, small toaster, or just about any small device that uses an AC power port.


LED Flood Light

Don't be left in the dark! The HALO Bolt has a bright, LED floodlight built-in. It's perfect for changing a tire on a dark road or for finding the pen at the bottom of your purse.


Easy to Use

Designed with built-in safety checks and easy-to-read indicator lights, the HALO Bolt is easy to use. You'll wish assembling furniture was this straightforward!


Built-In Safety Features

Featuring reverse polarity protection, short circuitry protection, and auto power off, the HALO Bolt is designed to be safe. Jumper cables with spark protection keep you and your car from becoming a light show.


Multi-Device Charging

Charge up to 3 devices at once thanks to the simultaneous charge out technology.


1x DC Port (14V, 850mA)

x USB-A (5V2.4A)
Jump Start Module (12V DC, 500 Amps / 1000 Peak Amps)
AC Outlet (65W, 115V, 60hz)


The HALO® Bolt® ACDC Max (44.4Wh) is rated for 1000 peak amps to revive batteries on even the coldest of days. But don’t worry, it knows right amount of current to send to your battery so having extra power is recommended.

Note: Most consumer vehicle batteries require 150-600 amps.

Integration of the 65W AC port saves you the hassle of having to buy and carry a separate inverter for charging AC-powered devices. This feature boosts the ACDC Max (44.4Wh) well beyond the performance of leading power banks so you always have an outlet available wherever you need it so you can truly work remotely on your terms.

The HALO Bolt ACDC Max (44.4Wh) is designed to work with all 12-volt batteries which accounts for approximately 95% of cars, SUVs and trucks on the road and most marine batteries. It is rated for gasoline engines up to 6 liters and diesel engines up to 3 liters. Be sure to verify your vehicle battery voltage to confirm compatibility.

Conveniently charge your Bolt ACDC Max (44.4Wh) at home or on the road with the included wall charging or via a vehicle’s USB charging port.

Charge up to 3 devices at once thanks to the simultaneous charge out technology. Three-way Feature Benefit Context charging via the USB-C, USB-A ports and the AC port.



Accessories include:
Set of HALO Jumper Cables
Wall Charging Adapter (14V)
Microfiber Storage Pouch


3-in-1 Design (Jump + Charge + Illuminate)
1000 Peak Amps (500 Cranking Amps)
44.4Wh, 4000mAh, 11.1V Lithium-Polymer (12000mAh 3.7V)
65W AC Inverter (80W Surge)
12V Vehicle & Marine Versatility (6L Gas & 3L Diesel)
3-Step Jump Process & Spark-proof Design
Patented Smart Safety Protection
LCD Color Display
Integrated Voltmeter (Voltage Range: 0.2V 25.5V DC)
Multi-device Charging (3-way; 2x USB-A, 1x AC)
Smart Charge Technology
Pass-through Charging
Broad Device Compatibility for USB-Powered Devices
Integrated Floodlight (White, Red & Red SOS)
Durable Construction
Air Travel Ready / TSA Compliant Carry-on Item


Product Dimensions:

Height: 1.6"

Width: 3.82"

Length: 7.17"

Weight: 1.26 lbs.

California Prop 65 Warning
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