The NEBO Ambassadors are a collective of luminaries... the thinkers and tinkerers who allow our brand to illuminate their brilliance. They inspire us to create and explore and shine light where there once was dark.


    Landscape & Travel Photographers

    Jeff DeMassari

    HVAC Installer

    Saul Friling

    Plumbing Estimator

    Tyler Mohr

    Avid Angler and Outdoorsman

    Craig Caudill

    Outdoor Guide & Teacher

    Anthony Bryant

    Heavy Duty Mechanic and Photographer

    Audubon Rowe Sanctuary

    Wildlife Sanctuary

    James Stein

    Outdoor Gear Reviewer

    Brian Lau

    Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast

    Socal Overland

    Camping Event Organizer

    Jeff Janis

    Auto Shop Owner & Former NFL Player

    North Peak Adventures


    Connor Ursin

    National Park Travelers

    Eric Lutkenhoff

    Search and Rescue Professional